Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Android redesign - suggestions for Google

  • use a thick arrow anchored at the bottom edge to indicate when there is an overflow of data so that user must scroll down.

  • allow file names to have spaces

Don't simply bubble up Linux' restrictions!
This restriction will make things less interoperable.

[Note: I was apparently mistaken - the restriction was from Android. Linux allows spaces]

Use well known Design Patterns for callbacks, and use exceptions not return codes!

A) when calling an Activity:

startSubActivity(...,,[methodName or reference to Method]);
// for example Class.forName().getMethod("foo")

B) in the callback method foo().

foo() {

try {
Activity.checkActivityResult(); // throws exception if error
} catch(Exception1 e1) {


  • log filters should use approximate, not exact matches.
The tag in class Bar of my application Foo becomes "Foo Bar". This is
necessary so that I know where the message has come from - like log4j.

However if I want to see messages of my application and create a
filter: "Foo", then they cannot be seen because they match exactly, no
wild cards, and so the filter must be specified: "Foo Bar".

Hence it would be a simple and small but useful change if Google were
to match using startsWith() and not equals().

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