Friday, August 24, 2007

My Status Report Template

I have a status report by week and updated daily in a simple text file. It rolls over, day by day. It should work for small startups. Strangely enough, the defects/bug list is integrated into it. Is there a better method you would recommend?
juwo status - 4-26_31-07

0) Work planned for today

1) Work accomplished

2) Work planned for tomorrow

3) Issues/concerns

4) Longer Term

[for example]
1. Milestone - get users
- effective demos that show benefit and how easy it is to use.
- explain how it benefits them.
- control FLV video
- youtube video clip about juwo
- google widgets

A) New Functionality or Ideas
a) Necessary
b) Nice To Have

B) Refactoring for Improvement

C) Deployment

D) Defects

E) Cannot reproduce these defects

F) Resolved (updated each week)


Anonymous said...

juwo is a spectacularly useless and poorly executed piece of software...try something else

Anil Philip said...

To anonymous:

Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. However, unless you identify yourself and provide some way to contact you to discuss further why you think it is useless, I am tempted to think you are only trying to discourage without a valid reason.

(Aside from the fact it is cowardly to remain anonymous).