Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How does one break out of the customer-investor-team-product conundrum?

I have found it to be worse than catch-22, a pyramid.

We are starting at one or more apexes and building to a third, which we then use as a base to conquer the fourth peak. If we do, we are a successful company. Then we start growing the pyramid outward or moving up in scale to become hugely successful.

But potential partners (team) will not show more than an interest without investor money to pay their salaries and paying customers or at least users to validate the concept. Investors want to see users. None (especially users) are interested in a product that is not complete and slick. To produce it, one needs partners. Even going it alone to get the product leg in place, one needs investment to pay the bills.

But many pyramids were built, and many are the successful startups that create meaningful products - not simply dot-coms that are flipped for $millions.

I can feel your bored gaze while you think: Sell Your Idea To The Right People.
Assuming this is the answer, what concrete steps can I do to 'sell'; and to the right people?

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