Monday, June 21, 2010

What Next Android?

Just my 2 cents. Google will do its own thing regardless of all the
developers hanging from the Android train - our financial wellbeing is not its concern.

It seems to me that Google is yet to figure out, "What Next?".
Someone on the newsgroups said that Android and Chrome were built because Google didn't want to be shut out from the advertising platforms like Nokia, iPhone. I think they correctly saw it as a futuristic platform and wanted control of mobile platforms, just like M$ did on PCs. So they built this thing called Android and now that they control it, are not quite sure how to profit from it. It is just another mobile operating system with an app store, like Palm, iPhone, Nokia.

Can you write an app on Android that couldn't have been written on the
other OS'es? Does a user with an Android phone have a better day than
those with no-name phones? Good Advertising seduces us to perceive in
a new light what is 'cool' and that acquiring it will also make us

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