Sunday, May 18, 2008

juwo as a framework for other applications

juwo is misunderstood and much maligned - probably because of its non-intuitive and poorly designed user interface. Yet, it is powerful in concept and potential uses.

Recently, the prestigious and highly competitive Android Developer Contest concluded. Out of 1788 applications, 50 were picked as the winners (the list is here). juwo lost badly - in fact, it was likely disqualified at the outset because I never received my scores.
However I was amazed to see at least 3 winning apps that juwo could pretty much, do all that they could.

  • Breadcrumbz - navigation using pictures. This can be a juwo with each block, containing a photo or a voice note, and text.

  • Cooking Capsules - cooking instructions with a video. Again, this can be a juwo with each block as the step of a recipe. Even better than the original application, you can skip to the important parts of the video and replay.

  • TuneWiki - lyrics stream on the screen as music plays. Here is a juwo demo of American Idol. The lyrics could be - one verse for each block.

These winning applications show that juwo can be used directly or serve as a framework for other applications to build custom interfaces for their specific needs, on top of.

Think... multimedia lists.

juwo can be used for serious applications to benefit society. For the developing world - quicker diagnosis of diseases, better utilization of health care resources - doctors, midwives in rural areas. This is both for the developing world, and rural under served areas in the USA. (I shall release details of this after juwo is available on the actual handsets).

It is discouraging that few can see its potential.

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